As a customer service provider, employees have to log in to many different applications to help customers. This takes time, leads to unhappy employees and is unsafe. With Chiff, you can log in to all applications with your fingerprint.

Don't waste time logging in

At a contact center, employees have to log in to many different applications in order to be able to help customers properly. These are often third-party web applications, which makes it difficult to implement a Single Sign-On system. In organizations where efficiency is required, you do not want agents to be hindered by incorrect login attempts or forgotten passwords. Not only does this cost time and money, it also comes at the expense of employee satisfaction and cybersecurity.

Solve three processes simultaneously


Save time everyday on logging in and prevent time-consuming password resets.

Job satisfaction

Take away frustrating aspects and facilitate employees to optimally help customers.


Store passwords in a proven secure way.

Log in to all applications at once

Nemis Security has designed and developed a product that allows agents to securely log in to all web applications at once in a secure way. This not only saves you valuable time logging in every day, but also prevents time-consuming password resets. Your agents no longer have to deal with frustrating things and you enable your employees to optimally help customers. Depending on the specific solution design for your organization, employees can store and use their private passwords in a proven secure way as well, without having to make any effort.

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