Nemis Security is an ambitious cybersecurity company, located at PLNT in the center of Leiden, the Netherlands. In addition to various meeting rooms, we have a beautiful green roof-top garden above our office.

Nemis Security's background

In 2018, Nemis Security started around the simple idea of using the smartphone to login to websites. Before that, we have worked for the government in the investigation of cybercrime. During this time, we have become real security specialists. And then we saw that many people struggle to organize their online business securely, ironically cybercriminals as well. The dependence on the internet has been ever growing since that time and we really felt the need to help people with an accessible solution for a very important problem: passwords. That is why we have developed Chiff in this period.

Our mission is to make it easier to be secure

We realize that many people find it difficult to properly secure their online data. Sometimes it's simply because they don't know why and how to do it. This can easily be solved by organizing awareness training. However, that is certainly not always the solution. For example, many employees know that they need to choose a complex and unique password, but have no idea how to manage it. An entrepreneur must therefore also facilitate an environment in which employees can behave safely. Hereby, it is important that employees do not experience extra barriers. There is a good chance that they will fall back on the old - unsafe - behavior. Ultimately, the security solutions should therefore not only make it safer, but at least equally user-friendly and fast. Nemis Security is convinced of that and will always take that in mind.

The people behind Nemis Security

The management of Nemis Security consists of Wouter Segijn (left) and Bas Doorn (right). Wouter is responsible for the business development. Bas is responsible for the cybersecurity and technical development of all solutions. Together they manage a team with expertise in marketing and development.

Nemis Security is always looking for new cybersecurity talents. We combine hard and accurate work with a positive and curious attitude. We are always curious about the latest, most user-friendly and efficient solutions. Are you interested? Please do not hesitate to get into contact. We’re very happy to hear from you!

Cup of coffee?

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