The Autologin-service allows employees to log in completely in the background on all systems.

Log in to all applications at once

Single sign-on is the solution for companies that require a lot of logins. Unfortunately, some systems cannot be linked to a SSO-solution, for example because applications are outdated or one has no influence on the system (third-party website). With the Autologin-service, employees are logged in completely headless. They do not even need access to the passwords anymore, so they can be unique, long and changed very frequently.

Solve three processes simultaneously


Save time everyday on logging in and prevent time-consuming password resets.

Job satisfaction

Take away frustrating aspects and facilitate employees to optimally help customers.


Manage authentication in a proven secure way by keeping the passwords completely out of employees’ hands.

Curious about the solution?

With Nemis Security’s Autologin-service you offer employees the possibility to log in in a very simple, secure and fast way. As an employer, you get more control and insight into the total authentication process through the logging possibilities our solution offers. We are happy to help your organization with:

  • Seamless login flow
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Unique and complex passwords
  • Invisible passwords for employees
  • Reduction of failed login attempts
  • Reduction of password resets
  • Location-based controls
  • Time-bound controls
  • Automatically change passwords frequently
  • Extensive possibilities for logging
  • Customizing checks per application

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